The system is hosted on an independent server. Security is regularly updated. Data is encrypted between computers. Sport New Zealand has no access to the data and can only view reports if a staff member is involved [by invitation] in a particular assessment or if the organsiation chooses to forward the information. The system has a number of privacy related screens that place the publication onus on the organisation and checks that any report has been reviewed in draft by an authorised representative of the organisation.

It is important that you keep log on information secure.

"Very beneficial and worthwhile for the governance development of our board." Mark Bowater, chair, New Zealand Recreation Association
"The Governance Mark programme has enhanced our board governance processes and given confidence to our stakeholders that we are focused in the right place. I thoroughly recommend the Mark to others." Hetty Van Hale, Former Chair Badminton New Zealand
"As a board the GM process has helped us gain clarity and apply focus where needed. In addition, it has supported us to formalise a number of areas needing some attention. It has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience and a valuable process." Nick Tongue, Chair, Swimming New Zealand
"Before the Governance Mark the board were too focused on the day-to-day. The Mark gave us a road map for how we should operate. It was obvious once we started how far we had to go. To the board's credit all the trustees realised this was the way forward for the organisation with one board member dedicated to ensuring we progressed. You could see the shift in focus and confidence meeting by meeting" Rob Torrance, Chair, Special Olympics New Zealand