Using a Facilitator

Any module can benefit from the use of a third party expert in governance. That person could simply be given a copy of the report to consider and discuss with the relevant people. In some cases, you may have them run the assessment as the module administrator as well. The Governance Framework [whole of board] assessment in particular benefits from an independent perspective. That person will likely seek further information in areas where the board's self-assessment indicates a variable understanding. That may be plans, policies, constitution, board papers etc. The Governance Mark process requires a SportNZ accredited assessor.

"Very beneficial and worthwhile for the governance development of our board." Mark Bowater, chair, New Zealand Recreation Association
"Other organisations, and of course the sector as a whole, will benefit greatly from this Governance Mark process as they complete it and as it expands its reach throughout the sector." Dave Clarke, chair, Sport Wellington
"Comprehensive system that helps us focus on what we should be doing rather than what we have been doing." Paul Cochrane, director, Football New Zealand
"A very useful tool that has helped us to identify where we need to improve our planning and processes." Arthur Klap, chair, Triathlon New Zealand